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About Natur-Leaf ® and Lifeline, Inc.

Lifeline Inc., A New Mexico corporation established in 1991, has been a worldwide provider of dietary and health supplements since 1991. In April of 1999 after an exhaustive international search, Lifeline introduced its newest and most exclusive supplement to date: Natur-Leaf ®. Until April 1999, the active compound in Natur-Leaf ® was available only in South Africa and Europe.

Backed by more than 30 years of research and trials by doctors in Europe and South Africa, sterols and sterolins have shown to lower cholesterol absorption and improve the body's natural immune system. Sterols and sterolins -- literally plant fats -- are found naturally in fruits and vegetables, but in nowhere near the concentrations available in Natur-Leaf ®. Because of its excellent digestibility and ratio of 4:1 sterols to sterolins, Natur-Leaf ® ensures a much higher concentration of sterols and sterolins than you can find in the produce section of your grocery store.

To produce the supplement, a proprietary method of concentrating sterolins from plants is used. Instead of using chemical processes of extraction, the hydroponically grown sprouts are harvested at their peak of growth. Then they are freeze-dried without using any harsh chemicals. Thus, this process preserves all valuable properties in the phytosterols integrated in Natur-Leaf ®.

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