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Sterols and Sterolins for Stimulating Your Immune System

Thank you for your interest in the all-natural health supplement Natur-Leaf ®, a revolutionary plant formula containing sterols, sitosterolins and phytonutrients.

This product is one of the most important health supplements of the 21st century.


Normal health maintenance dosages is 2 capsules per day.

Therapeutic dosage is from 6-9 capsules per day.

Suggested retail pricing is $29.95 per 60 (400 mg.) capsules per bottle.


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Dr. Chris Morris, ND, the Clinical Director of Transformational Health states:

"Thus, if there is any family predisposition to major or minor health issues for patients, supplementation with sterols/sitosterolins would be beneficial as a means of prevention. But I'm not using the phytosterols just as protectors against some illness; instead, I apply them generally as a source of patient vitality".

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Natur-Leaf is manufactured in an NSF cGMP Registered Facility

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