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"A universal tool for natural health maintenance and immune control.
A true master-source for energy management and age deceleration!"

Peter R. Rothschild MD, Ph.D

This ground-breaking green sprout combination containing a high-impact sterol/sterolin combination represents an unprecedented synergistic formula that enhances quality of life from disease control to age-retarding.

Scientists first isolated sterols, plant fats - and their glucosides, sterolins, natural compounds found in all fruits and vegetables, as far back as 1922. However, their remarkable health benefits were only realized and confirmed by extensive research in the last two decades.

Numerous ongoing clinical trials reveal that concentrations of sterols and sterolins offer extraordinary support to the immune system of both humans and animals.

Until 1999, these plant concentrates have been available only in Europe and South Africa. Today, Natur-Leaf ® - buttressed by an exclusive process of growth and processing of natural plant sprouts - offers this veritable breakthrough in health supplementation to a worldwide market of health-conscious consumers.

Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol absorption.

The plant sterols found in Natur-Leaf ® tender effective protection against both low and high-density cholesterol discovered in many high-fat foods. Studies have shown that the sterols - particularly beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol - combine with the low-density cholesterol in the intestine forming a new, crystalline matrix, which cannot be absorbed. The human body naturally evacuates this matrix.

No chemical extractions allow a higher concentration and purity.

Natur-Leaf ® is produced using a unique, proprietary method of concentrating sterols and sterolins from plants. Instead of using chemical processes of extraction, sprouts are grown hydroponically and harvested at their peak of growth. Then they are freeze-dried without using any harsh chemicals. Thus, the process preserves all valuable properties of the phytosterols integrated in our dietary supplement.

Several clinical trials sponsored by Lifeline Inc. have explored the benefits of sterols and sterolins in patients afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Recurrent Migraine Headaches, Psoriasis, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Cholesterol Regulation, and Menopausal Syndrome.

Safe to take daily…without any known side effects.

Natur-Leaf ® has been taken by thousands of customers. To this day no side effects have been reported.

Since sterols and sterolins were introduced in 1999 to the health supplement market in the United States, there understandably are questions about Natur-Leaf ®. Here are some of the most common.

What exactly are these substances?

Present in every plant, sterols and sterolins are literally vegetable fats, which have been proven as effective enhancers of the human immune response. Some plants, particularly seeds and sprouts, are richer than others in the compounds.

If sterols and sterolins are found naturally in fruits, vegetables and seeds, why do I need to take them as supplements?

For several reasons. First, contemporary diets noticeably lack the necessary servings of fruits, vegetables and seeds. Second, sterols and sterolins are bound to the fibers in the plant, which makes them very hard to absorb. They yield a low percentage of bioavailability. The third, and probably the most important reason why you need this supplement, is that food preparation removes or breaks down much of the sterols and sterolins present in your nutrition.

Because Natur-Leaf ® is derived from young growing sprouts, it ensures a much higher concentration of sterols and sterolins than you can find in the produce section of your grocery store.

I haven't heard much about sterols and sterolins. If they are so great, why aren't doctors rushing to prescribe the supplement?

These compounds were introduced into the United States as a dietary supplement in 1999. Doctors only now are beginning to realize the true benefits of these phytosterols. Currently there are several ongoing studies, including one conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Dr Atif Awad, head of UB's Nutrition Program, found that b-sitosterol appears to play an important role in inhibiting the growth of human prostate cancer cells.

What is the suggested serving size of Natur-Leaf ® sterol/sitosterolin capsules?

It depends.As a supplement to help modulate your immune system, take two capsules daily. For possible therapeutic endeavors - for instance in case of an immune disorder - it is recommended that 6-9 capsules be taken per day (i.e. 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner) for maximum effect. After the first 3 months you may be able to reduce your dosage.

"Sterols and sitosterols consist of certain vegetable fats that wield extraordinary immunomodulatory effect on both human and animal organisms. It is truly regrettable that contemporary food-refining processes remove these elemental, yet superb, phytonutrients from sources in which they naturally occur.

Research projects are revealing both the magnitude and the mechanisms of the potentials of these astounding plant fats."

Peter R. Rothschild

Discover what you are missing today--order Natur-Leaf ®, a natural health supplement!

Dr. Chris Morris, ND, the Clinical Director of Transformational Health states:

"Thus, if there is any family predisposition to major or minor health issues for patients, supplementation with sterols/sitosterolins would be beneficial as a means of prevention. But I'm not using the phytosterols just as protectors against some illness; instead, I apply them generally as a source of patient vitality".

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