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Ingesting Sterols/Sitosterolins from Plant Fats Induce Potent Human Immunomodulatory Improvements

Morton Walker, D.P.M.

Research studies have shown [sterols and sitosterolins] provide important protective and therapeutic physiological effects for helping to maintain a healthy immune system. (more about Autoimmune Disease Responses to Sterols and Sitosterolins)

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Clinical Studies Summary

By: Peter R. Rothschild, MD Ph.D.
Kenneth J. Frank, MD

Reporting the summary of twelve clinical studies conducted from February 5, 2000 to May 5, 2000 at four different clinics on the Natur-Leaf ® product, whose ingredients comprise six different sprouts and the African potato root (with a sterol to sterolin ratio of 6:1) along with eight enzymes in a proprietary ionic and mineral blend. The studies were conducted on the following conditions: Recurrent Migraine Headaches, Hypercholesterolemia, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Menopausal Syndrome, and Psoriasis. Each study had a population of 36 subjects, for a total of 432 subjects. Two studies were conducted for each of the six different conditions: one study consisted of a standard dosage of 3 capsules (350 mg/capsule) per day, and one study consisted of mega doses of 9 capsules (350 mg/capsule) per day for each condition. (more about Natur-Leaf ® Clinical Studies)

Plant Sterols and Sterolins in Human Health A New Effective Tool For Disease Prevention and Treatment--Including Autoimmune Diseases

Plant sterols and sterolins are proven to be effective compounds modulating the immune system and, as a result, relieving people of symptoms associated with numerous autoimmune diseases. In the past, autoimmune conditions have been treated with toxic drugs, which cause immuno-suppression. There is another approach which is being researched and falls under that branch of immunology called neuroimmunomodulation: this approach uses sterols and sterolins. As a result of using this approach, the activity of certain cells in the immune system are enhanced and the activity of other cells in the immune system are inhibited. This modulation has led to successful treatment of a number of autoimmune diseases. (more about Plant Sterols and Sterolins in Human Health)

Extracellular Micro Environment

Author: Peter R. Rothschild; Source: XIX. Caribbean Convention of Sciences Volume 18, 16/1999

Discussion: Sprout-derived sterols, when associated to sterolins, yield manifold, revolutionary combinations of antibody-regulating enzymes, that energize the "Fc" fractions of antibodies in general, teaming up with sprout-grown biochemical factors, which, in turn stimulate the "Fab" fraction of the same antibodies, thus completing a natural immune-enhancement cycle that also prevents antibodies from initiating auto-aggressive phases, that create autoimmune diseases. Such sterol/sitosterolin combinations are available in capsule form that are easily administered and are totally void of toxicity and side effects. (more about sprout-derived sterols and sterolins)

Degenerative Diseases

Author: Peter R. Rothschild; Source: Annals of La Tour International
Society of Gerontology, Mexico, Volume XX, 16, 1999

Discussion: Natural sterols, combined with sterolins - their native glucosides - represent an all-natural formula isolated from a sophisticated blend of herbal components that breed true-to-life factors, which intelligently gird all necessities of a human body's immune response. This is of paramount importance not only for general disease prevention, but also for specific immune enhancement in degenerative diseases and various aging processes as well. This appears particularly evident when the vast data processing mechanics of a human body is thoroughly scrutinized. (more human body immune response, sterols, and sitosterolins)

Living in the Fast Lane

Author: Peter R. Rothschild

The relentlessly increasing pace of contemporary life imposes unprecedented physiological and psychological demands on the human organism. These exigencies place unyielding and cumulative stress on our immune system, our nervous system and on our metabolism as well. (more about Living in the Fast Lane: Cumulative Stress on the Immune System)

The Holistic Lifestyle

The Orthomolecular Revolution

Phytosterols (plant sterols and sterolins, as well as campesterol and sigmasterol) are fatty components of plants which are stripped from the diet by food processing and cooking, and which support human health in many ways. Various combinations of sterols and sterolins have been shown to improve symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), improve some autoimmune disorders, lower cholesterol when taken with a meal, and to possibly prove helpful in type II and type I diabetes. Women who get more phytosterols in their diet are less likely to develop breast cancer, and phytosterols slow the growth and spread of human breast, prostate, and colon cancer cells in animal and test tube models. They have anti-inflammatory powers, and are powerful immune modulators. (more from The Holistic Lifestyle: The Orthomolecular Revolution)